Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angry Bandwiches

These Angry Birds sandwiches are just hilarious. Speaking of that, have you tried the in-browser version yet? If not, you should. Although I have to warn you it might keep you from getting any work done. On the other hand, work won't fly away. And birds will.

On a separate note, I have got to mention that the marketing of Angry Birds is outstanding. One of their latest tricks (whether it was intentional or not) was getting one of the characters on How I Met Your Mother to complain about the trouble she has downloading the game and releasing an in-browser version a week after. Smart. Very smart. Also - I believe no other app game has been mentioned on TV in such light, non-irritating way. If curious which ways are irritating (although I am pretty sure you already have a hunch), just read this article over at Gawker.

Picture spotted on LikeCool 

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