Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Playbutton

I was just thinking that it's about time someone released a non-rewritable iPod alternative. There are, of course, non-rewritable CDs, but I believe those will be out of the market soon. I, personally, do not ever have a CD player in my computer (I am using Dell Studio), and feel absolutely fine about it.

So let me introduce the Playbutton! The Playbutton is trying to position itself as 'wearable music' - interesting, isn't it? After all, you can't show off your music taste to total strangers if you are using an iPod - and we know quite a few of us would very much like to change that!

Playbutton controls Play/Pause, Skip and Volume functions. Playbutton's audio output and battery charger are shared in one jack, and the button exterior can be designed as album art or to otherwise correspond with the content behind it. Playbutton is affixed with a pinback. It plays music on a rechargeable luthium battery. The casing is made of stainless steel. Playbutton measures 4,5 cm in diameter and 0,7 cm in thickness. It weights 10,8 grams. 

Recently, a French boutique Kulte has released the first playbutton in France. Beautiful? I believe so:

Spotted on Design You Trust, even more info on the Playbutton right here.

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