Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Wonder Island

An example of a perfect bachelor (or non-cuisine enthusiastic bachelorette) kitchen.

This modern island would allow you to cook, eat, store appliances and even do the dishes, while occupying as little space as possible. Thereby saving those precious square feet for the stuff you really love (not trying to go all Carrie Bradshaw on you, but shoes could be an example of that 'stuff').

Spotted on Yanko Design


Franck H said...

Super! Suad, do you know where we can buy this kitchen island ?

Suad said...

Hi Franck, grad you liked the post! I am trying to contact the designer right now to see if you can purchase the island at the moment. As soon as I will hear from him I will let you know! Have a lovely day :)

Suad said...

Just e-mailed you! :)

Ashley said...

Please let me know if this item is available for purchase.

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