Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bite Me

The world is certainly becoming a place where chocolate manufacturers truly care about the diets of their consumers. It was just last week that I have spotted Fat Pig, and now Bite Me - another wonderful example of this fact:

Unlike Fat Pig, that will simply play with your mind by questioning your nutritional choices, Bite Me, despite its name, has decided to take a more mature approach to keeping you healthy.
The Bite Me brand was developed based on the concept of healthy life with correct portions. Now we can have a correct portion of chocolate since the new packaging is taking into consideration the percentage of cocoa. The more the percentage of cocoa to milk and other ingredients the bigger the chocolate size and vise versa, the less cocoa the smaller the chocolate becomes. Packaging took into consideration distinguishing colors according to different percentages as well, 70%, 80% and 90% as well as small gift chocolate. Shopping bags were customized to suit the boxes. The technique used is 100% ink free, its a play on the sense of touch, embossing, die cutting and laser engraving was used.

What are you thinking? I'm thinking wonderful. Although, I have got to note that the 'bitten off edge' trend is becoming slightly overused. Just a couple of weeks ago I remember spotting a restaurant identity that used it everywhere, from menus to business cards, and I do recall that even then it did not seem fresh to me. But lets not overcritisize. Chocolate guys are trying to keep us healthy - what else could we wish for.

Spotted on the Lovely Package

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