Monday, June 20, 2011


Some companies deserve a special thank you from people like me. One of them is Bookish. The thank you here is for blending the line between digital and old-school, paper books.

Bookish is an online platform for book reading, which recently released a new identity. Part of the identity, as strange as it may seem for an online store, is bookmarks (with adorable glasses on top). Why do I find this wonderful? A number of reasons...

1. Bookish is reaching out to the new audience. They are trying to convert those like me, who are still into paper stuff, into digital people. Note how old are books in the ad - feeling outdated yet? Bookish uses marketing wisely to let you know that books should be read online, while bookmarks are kept in your old classics. I would probably even take it one step further, and feature a journal with a bookmark - in case you want people to buy classics from your store as well.

2. Bookish developed an identity that clicks. Everything clicks together - from the iphone app, website design, bookmarks with adorable glasses (and the same 'cut' corner as on the web platforms) to the gorgeous business cards that look like a book when stuck together. See what I mean by clicks?

For more, go to, spotted on Design Sponge

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