Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Element of Surprize

I have to admit that weddings are starting to grow on me. I have never been a girl who fantasizes about one, but with the recently spotted non-tacky wedding invitation, and now this wonderful engagement ring packaging... I am starting to think there is hope for my mom to see me in a white dress after all.

According to the designer, this project was all about creating the packaging for an engagement ring that would fit in the wallet, and resemble the 'blooming' effect once opened. If you ask me, he did a great job - and not only because this packaging is compact and original. This design combines the two element an engagement is supposed to be all about - the masculinity (dark colors, restangular shape), and feminity (flower blossom, ornaments on the inside, and well... the ring itself).

Hey prince, if you are reading - I'd prefer this to Tiffany's turquoise box any day!

Watch this short video for more:

via Behance Network

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Nutella said...

haha true - Tiffany's box is the best!

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