Sunday, June 26, 2011

Even Moleskines Could Get Better!

A while back I have posted an 'Impatient' print by Julien Denoyer. Unfortunately, back then I did not know that Julien is also working on a collection of artistic Moleskines - and oh the joy of spotting them a few days ago!

Moleskines are a huge guilty pleasure of mine. Surely they are pricey, and to be honest I will not tell be able to tell the difference in the quality of paper even my life dependent on it. I am also not going to get as good at writing as Hemingway, or as good at drawing as Van Gogh, simply by using one. But it still given me pleasure to use the same product that artistic people do. I am not alone. It's a well known marketing trick - just read the history of marketing apple products over at Stuff White People Like. However, that is not relevant at the moment.

The only fault of Moleskines, besides being pricey, is that they are kind of all... the same. Other than the special editions, released once in way too long, Moleskines are basically all standard little black books - varying only by size and color of the cover (for the brave ones).

Well, here is the new take on that very cover:

All of the notebooks are genuine Moleskine Cahier notebooks. Surely they are not your fat extra large ones, but I hope you do not need one like that for the list of 'people you want to punch in the face' anyway.

More at Julien's Etsy store


Julien Denoyer Photography said...

Hey thanks!!! Just spotted this article...thanks for featuring my Moleskine collection!!!

Suad said...

My pleasure! Keep up the good work! :)

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