Monday, June 27, 2011

Formula 1 or Overthinking It

Yesterday I was watching the Formula 1 with my Dad (I'm a real girly girl). Like each sport, F1 has its down sides. I would be OK with the deathly noises F1 cars make, the non-stop tech terms and even the from-the-driver seat camera shots that made you absolutely nauseous, but F1 will not be able to grab my full attention for 3 hours until it shows us the actual pilots. Dear guys in charge of the F1, you know how girls like to watch the World Cup? Show us the guys and your audience will double! Until then - I will focus on the marketing side of the game...

Last month I have read a book called 'Brand Warfare' by David F. D'Alessandro, where for the first time in my life I was introduced to benefits of sponsorship. Surely, I knew they do something good for the brand - but I did not how sophisticated was the relationship between the pay off and the sponsorship - and yesterday... Yesterday I was pretty sure that I'm the smart one.

Quickly I have spotted the two main sponsors - DHL and LG. I took my time to show off to Dad, and explain how DHL, known for its quick delivery service, benefits from its banners placed along the F1 route by making the viewers associate DHL with something extremely fast (F1 cars in this case). You would assume I have had enough for a day, but I did not stop there.

I went on talking about the smart placement of LG ads as well - if you look closely, you will notice that unlike DHL, which has ads all over the route, LG mainly appears next to the car manufacturer names on the leader-board. It makes perfect sense as LG is positioning itself as a high quality, not high speed brand.

And then... Then happened something that was supposed to happen. After my series of what were supposed to be smart marketing notes, Dad looked at me and said: 'I think you are over-thinking it'. Indeed. The rally was way more fun than the sponsors.

Any other F1 fans out there?

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