Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's a Double Business Card!

I am rarely impressed with business cards and that is not without a reason. These days pretty much every company or individual whose business is slightly related to creativity does something interesting with their business cards - crazy colors, unusual shape, bendable, squeezable... and everything else you could possibly think of. And while this is all wonderful, there is a question I would ask myself before creating such a business card - is that going to pay off?

You might think that business cards do not cost much, and that is true for most regular white-background rectangles. But if you add a designer fee, an unusual shape, a few cuts here and there... I can imagine the cost doubling, if not tripling... And once you have business cards that look like that - you are going to give out thousands of them! So is it worth it? In most cases - not quite, but in the case of DUO - it definitely is!

Let me start by saying that I find the idea of this card absolutely wonderful. The shape is pretty standard, so they will not cost a fortune. The only part that might make them a little bit more costly than your regular rectangle is the perforated center - but I believe that will pay-off like no other 'playful' business card ever did. Let's cover two scenarios:

1st - you give out the whole card out to someone. That person keeps it in his wallet/business card holder until he decides to share the word about the company with someone else. "Oh, would you like to have their number? Let me just give you half of the card they gave me!". Passing your business card to the potential client before you have even met! How brilliant is that?

2nd - you give out half of the business card. Yes, not as amazing as the first option. But the card would still be noticeable, and would definitely be cost-effective. Not to mention the whole splitting-the-card-into-two gesture might awake some 7th grade 'best-friends' locket memories in the mind of the client, and make him feel like you are sharing something more than just a project.

As a bonus, this design could become a never-aging signature. The pop-sickle could easily be replaced with some other object that comes in pairs (just don't make it socks, please). And then boom! - a fresh feel on a good old brand identity.

Picture spotted on All Creative World

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