Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A beautiful identity project for Kaffe" - a small coffee shop. A few years ago, when I worked at a coffee shop myself (not this one though), my favorite thing by far was to write the menu on the chalkboard - which is why this project was particularly close to heart.

On a less personal note, Kaffe" also gets an A from Blue Strawberry for branding.
The chalk theme is a great way to highlight the fact that that this is a small, local business - right what you need to get that extra personal touch for your latte. The business cards and carry-out bags instantly make you believe this is a place where they will remember your name, favorites, and save you the hassle of trying to spell cappuccino at 6am after two hours of sleep.

I always try to practice for my (hopefully) branding career, by asking myself what would I add to this project?  I have to admit that for this identity, it is particularly difficult to come up with an addition, since everything, from the entrance to the business cards clicks so, so well. I guess the only thing I could possibly think of (and I would not be surprised if they have it already) would be to play up the chalk theme, and use a piece of chalk as a customer card. I am not sure exactly how - perhaps they could make marks on the chalk with a special (and un-immitatable!) marker, to indicate the number of coffees this customer has had, or simply give out customer cards that resemble a chalkboard (and then punch them for each drink)? Urgh, I don't know. It's not my fault it's so hard - it's just perfect already.

Designed by an amazing Australian, Felix Lobelius, spotted on Wai-Finder and Jared Erickson

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