Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moleskine Reading Collection

As a huge fan of Moleskines, I always worry what will the whole new era of Kindles and iPhones do to the poor Moleskine brand. Will anyone care which notebook did Hemingway use, if no one is really using notebooks anymore? Unlikely...

Gladly, Moleskine is anything but lazy about this issue. First, they released an iPhone app, which, even thought perfectly designed, just did not do that for me. I need to feel the pen in my hand, smell the paper... otherwise it  is just not a Moleskine experience, no therapeutic feeling! The most recent development, however, seems to be perfectly tailored to my need! Ladies and Gentleman, the Moleskine Reading Collection:

I am particularly excited about the reading light and the glasses. I have a tiny light like that, but now I just have to get one from Moleskine! The only problem with them is that batteries die rather quickly, but I am pretty sure Moleskine people came up with a partial solution to that.

Do you love Moleskine as much as I do? If so, make sure to check out Le Petit Prince - the limited edition of Moleskines at the Blue Strawberry aStore!

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