Friday, June 24, 2011

Not Always...

It gives me great pleasure to find posters that do not simply decorate the room, but also inspire you to create and challenge your standard approaches. Strangely, with the billions of motivational posters there days, very few satisfy these two simple criteria for me. Luckily, once in a long while, I spot series that cross it all out - and remind me why I was searching for the inspirational posters in the first place. An example of such anoccurrence would be the recent Optimism/Pessimism series from Graphic Design &:

GraphicDesign& celebrates the interconnectedness of graphic design with all areas of the wider world. Graphic design informs, educates, irritates and seduces; entertains and provokes. But the essentially outward-looking nature of the practice is often not made explicit. Set up by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright, GraphicDesign& publishes books, hosts events and stimulates dialogue to explore how graphic design is always inextricably partnered with something else.

You might not believe in the power of posters, but I know for certain that if I had one of those above my desk, I would finally stop being a whiny little girl and starting reaching out to the artist with interview offers - something I wanted to do ever since I started my blog...

Spotted on Desinspiration, available at Graphic Design & (40-45 GBP)

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