Friday, June 10, 2011

An Olive To Remember

Italian cuisine is anything but exotic these days. We have already tried everything traditional, everything home-made, and everything with a touch of garlic on top. I, personally, have tons of respect for anyone who has the guts to open a Italian restaurant these days, as with the amount of competition, it is no easy business. However, I have to admit that tough industries are of particular interest for me as they place an even higher pressure on brand development... and this is the part where Blue Strawberry comes in and gets all nosy.

Wild Olive is a wonderful example of brand identity project for a restaurant that is trying to stay in business by minimizing the costs, yet keeps an eye on its brand image. And the most beautiful part it that it is all about the tape...

The Wild Olive tape, which has the restaurant's logo and it's main contacts, can literally be applied to anything - from menu, to envelopes, bills and business cards. Just make sure to never run out of it! With a 'pop of color' that red tape generates, the rest of stationary items can be kept simple - which saves the owners even more cash. And thank you, thank you, thank you for not making the tape in olive color.

via Lovely Stationary

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