Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Roadtrip Kit

This student project, while may seem insignificant to some, is a huge milestone for the world.... according to me. It is the first step towards finally making it possible for me to sit next to the baby in an airplane. Sure, first come the road trip games which divide the trip into series of adventures, but the follow-up projects could include anything from a road-trip kit alternative for airlines to bedtime stories that tell themselves! The concept seems to fun even I want to try this thing!

According to Olivia Paden, the creator of Roadtip Kit, this project is "an engaging, educational “roadtrip adventure kit” for each child in the car, to help break up a long roadtrip into a series of mini-adventures. At each stop along your route, open a surprise gift, plus use photos and interesting facts to learn about your destination. 
TRIPKIT, which is targeted at elementary school age children, is playful, analog, modular, and social --  the goal is to get the whole family involved in the learning process."

via The Dieline

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