Friday, June 24, 2011

Sofist - the Wait Room Sofa

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture this appropriate for the waiting room? I don't think I ever did. Not only is it beautiful, neutral and minimal, but it also has embedded pockets for the magazines, and even a table-like surface for your drinks, snacks and glasses!

When I first noticed that it also has cushions for pets, I have taken my 'wait room' assumption one step further, and noted that it would probably be even more appropriate for the vet waiting room. However, now, on the second though - I have to admit that vets are probably not the only professionals with pets in their offices! I know for certain that if I ever get an office for the Blue Strawberry, my french bulldog (which is as imaginary at this point as the office itself) would love to rest on those cushions. So, dear Sofist - you will remain the perfect (any) wait room sofa - according to the Blue Strawberry definitions.

Spotted on Yanko Design

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