Monday, June 13, 2011

Subscribe to Stationary

Have you noticed how many subscription services were introduced this year? Personally, I see this as a response to the biggest problem of the modern consumer - how do I get the shopping thrill when I already have everything that I need and more? You subscribe to gift boxes, dummy! They might remind you of Christmas but despite the fact that you will be the one paying for your own gifts, these are way cooler than any sort of holiday that only comes once a year.


One of the recent 'gift boxes' that caught my eye, was Lost Crates - a stationary subscription service. Oh, Lost Crates, I want you so much, but will our love last? Are you better than a trip to the bookstore? Do I want to pay for the things I don't really get to choose?

All of my questions got answered when I took the new subscriber personality quiz. First of all, Love Crates - amazing quiz. Simple pictures. No complications. Beautiful. But the best part of it were the results - brands suggested for my personality. When I saw Fred and Friends and Moleskine, I was ready to marry this catchy little marketing brain crack service.

Final thought? A pretty damn amazing idea for those who spend over $30 on stationary each month. I would absolutely subscribe myself if I was not on a budget!

Those of you who are environmentalists, make sure to check out EcoEmi as well

via Design Milk

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