Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wallpaper Shelf

Here is a decor piece for those in love with the actual construction process: wallpaper rolls everywhere, smell of glue, naked walls, semi-dry paint on the ceiling... In case you believe such people don't exist, I can introduce you to my mom. Kind note: in case you bring her to your house, and notice how she is staring at the walls - she is simply imaging what the space would look like without them, and how she could re-decorate and it making it look like something totally different. It's nothing personal - she does it for everyone.

Imitating a party unstuck roll, Wallpaper designed by Vincent Olm is a functional reinterpretation of what is basically a purely decorative object. Shelf or console, depending on which way it is attached to the wall, wallpaper aims to create a surprising illusion. Made of a composure of aluminum and polyethylene, it is both rigid and light. Created in several solid colors, Wallpaper can be used as it is or can be personalized by the owner to suit their taste by adding wall stickers or covering it in a strip that matches the wallpaper against which it is hung.
Spotted on the FreshHome 

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