Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Aren't You a Book-Protector?

When I saw this new little book pouch from Penguin - I was ready to press 'buy' in 2.5 seconds. Luckily for me, I bothered to check the dimensions before doing so - 22cm x 16cm - what kind of book would fit in that? Exactly, not even a pocket one. Turns out my little book pouch crush wasn't even a book pouch - just a simple travel belongings/make-up one.

A question, dear Penguin. Why would you make a make-up pouch, when you haven't yet produced one for books? Aren't you mainly in a book industry? Aren't there enough make-up bags in this world?

You might be thinking that books don't need protection, but oh yeah, they do. Especially when you sell them after reading, like I do, and want them to be in a perfect condition. How many books stay in perfect condition after travelling? Yes, you are right again - none.

So please, I beg you - release a book-protecting pouch. I already have a place to store the rest of my stuff at.

Product spotted on the BLTD, available at Bloomsbury&Co

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