Friday, July 29, 2011

Action Stationary

Colorful stationary makes me happy. I have taught myself not to buy every red notebook I can find, even though it wasn't easy. But when the stationary is not just well-designed, but also thoughtful, humorous and financing a  great cause - who can resist?

Action Stationary challenges you to take an action every day - be it to take a bath someone you love (save water!) or plant a tree. The range includes diaries, notebooks in various sizes, handy bookmarks and pencils with a words of advice:

Each piece in the range is great in it's own way, so let's go through them one by one!

The Diaries. I desperately needed one for grad school, and when I saw the Academic one by We Are What We Do, I knew there is marriage potential somewhere there in between the lines! The only thing that bothered me was that diaries seems fat and heavy on the pics, but oh what a please to discover that they are A6 and light as a feather!

Diaries are available in six juicy colors, each complimented with a contrasting bookmark, so you can easily skip to the day of the year you are at at the moment of time. Each week has a 'plan the day' page and a free page for notes. The pages for notes deserve a whole separate mention - each one is unique, beautiful, and full of priceless humor!

Did I mention the last page has a full list of actions with 'tick' boxes?


Pencils with actions, of course! The 'Don't Worry If You Make a Mistake' one has a rubber at the end. You decide if you would like to use them. I will, probably, keep the 'mistake' one as a reminder, for those cold winter sleepless nights when nothing seems to be working the way it should.


Notebooks - wonderful, colorful, with full pages of actions you could do take to make the world better for all of us. The covers are similar to those of diaries, but unlike A6 diaries, these come in three different sizes - large, medium and small.


Bookmarks are probably my favorite item, and not just because I ran out of boarding passes that normally serve as bookmarks for me. These rainbow colored bookmarks are helping you do Action 033: Recycle your books, by providing your hand-me-downs a pick-me-up. Each one has space to write the name of a book, the names of the people it’s been passed to and their ratings and comments. They also 'clip' onto the page, so you are unlikely to lose them due to sliding right down the page - something I often experience!

All profits go directly to our school and community projects. Make sure to stop by We Heart What We Do to check some of their other projects!


We Are What We Do, thank you so much for you help with this post and for kindly providing the samples!

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