Friday, July 15, 2011

Glamorous Coffee Shop

If there exists a brand identity that would make a coffee shop a hot-spot for the glamour-seeking individuals, then it must be it. As much as I believe this is more suitable for an elite night-club, the theme is clear, the audience is well defined, and finally, the design is well implemented - balanced and put together, without looking to repetitive.

Marie Antoinette theme works unexpectedly well with the newspaper-pattern paper cups! The choice of the newspaper pattern deserves a separate compliment as well. Out of all the things rich and poor share, newspaper is perhaps the most common item - and look how well it tones down the chic aesthetics! If by the time I am rich, I will still be reading newspaper, I know know a perfect place to do so - and of course it's in Australia...

Turns out Cafe Vue decided to re-shape the brand in order to better compliment the new location, interior furnishings and architecture. I used to think brand identity usually reshapes together with the interior (when it comes to places where interior plays a role) - but I keep learning knew things every day! (Thanx blog!)

via Lovely Package

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