Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hostile Turquoise

Once in a while, I spot an apartment which has every single detail I like - yet doesn't look like a place I would stay at with pleasure. This might seem bizarre, but I do have my reasons. Let me try to give you an example, without sounding too blondie about it (TRY is the key word here) on the case of the 'Hostile Turquoise' apartment:

Reason #1 - Cold Colors Are Too Cold

What I meant by this is that cold colors are not.. cozy, inviting, home-y. While I love everything blue, teal, purple and turquoise, using them in the interior makes the interior look like Ice Queen's secret trap.

As an alternative, I would replace some of the white with chocolate brown. The turquoise elements would go with warm brown perhaps even better than with white, while looking like 'accessories', and not the main, hostile element of the interior.

Reason #2 - Too Much White

White is a wonderful canvas, but sometimes there is just too much of it. Fist of, it's just not practical (I did not mean to sound like your mom, but it's true) - especially when used for shelves, chairs, tables and every other piece of furniture you are dusting daily. Other than being unpractical, white reminds me of hospitals, doctors and Asian funerals - not something you would want to be reminded of in your dear home.

Reasons #3 - Not Enough Rugs

Sure, sure, there is a rug which you see on the main picture. But it seems a little rough - and way to small for such a cold apartment. And no rug in the bathroom? What if it gets cold... and wet... and slippery?

The kitchen, however, is something that won my heart. Perhaps if they change the walls to brown, add and few more rugs and keep the kitchen... I'll change the title of this post.

What do you think of turquoise interior?

Spotted on Fresh Home

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