Monday, July 4, 2011

Morfoze Soap

Morfoze is a concept of a soap that looks anything but... a soap. The rough edges should have been a lot of fun to model! I am loving the idea, it would make a perfect gift for the lovers of usual things in unusual shapes (i.e. myself; please note, my next birthday is only 363 days away!):

Designed by Yevgeny Razumov, a graduate of The British Higher School of Design (2007-09, Moscow, Russia):
"At the moment of designing this product I had an idea of a suitable soap-dish for this soap in the form of a splash of water. The contrast between the polygonal object and the smooth form of "water" reveals even more an unusual combination of shapes in the real world, and such inherent in the virtual one.

I hope that this product would attract people to use hard soap for washing, rather than liquid one which is more harmful to our environment."
Well, I surely hope so too! Even though this is the first time I am hearing that liquid soap is more damaging to the environment - thanks for this important piece of info!

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Nutella said...

It looks good, but is probably difficult to use...

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