Friday, July 1, 2011

Never Run Out of Ink Again

They say technology makes out lives easier, but I often question this fact. Each day starts with checking my email, discovering that either my computer's, my ipod's or my cell phone's battery is dead, hassling to charge it before I run off to work, where I begin a war with a coffee machine, a fax, a modem and a conference call system which I still can't get to work properly.

Don't you sometimes with we all went back to using pen and paper? Especially since now there is a pen that will last you a lifetime. Seriously.

Question: It must run out eventually, right?
Yes, the laws of physics demand that if you're transferring material from the tip of the pen to the paper that eventually you'll run out. However, the amount you use while writing is so tiny that the Inkless Metal Pen will last a lifetime.

It gets better. This pen will leave no smudges, no ink stains and you can write with it when you are laying upside down, or swimming under water (challenge - find the paper that works under water too).

Curious? Watch the video below for more (it's a hilarious, so watch it even if you are not curious one bit):

Available at VAT19 (about $28)

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