Monday, July 4, 2011

Packaging Matters

A perfect example of a project when packaging 'makes' the whole product. The project by itself is not something that you would expect to see on the Blue Strawberry - it's a simple dress-up puppet, a personal project - present for a girlfriend.

However, the packaging, is a whole other story. Something about breaking those perforated lines, taking out the present, following those arrows on the edges and instructions on the back makes it feel like it's Christmas and I am five years old (only much luckier, than I was when I was actually 5).

This makes me wonder how many times I actually bought the product simply because I liked the packaging. Taken into account the amount of make-up I have but never use - it's quite a bit. Beauty product are masters of packaging tricks (and the rest of the tricks for that matter). So, how do you fight the desire to buy everything that comes in a pretty box? Perhaps...  by dating a guy who makes gifts like this little puppet?

Spotted on the Lovely Package

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