Thursday, July 14, 2011

Perfect Exposition

If I will ever need to set up an exposition booth for a promotion of a product, cause or service, this is the exact design I will be going for.

First reason is the architecture of this beauty. Not only does the wave-like design allow you to wrap the construction around a column (thereby letting you advertise in a classic, old-building setting), but also it creates an illusion of open space and allows you to include even those with claustrophobic tendencies into your target audience.

The second and third reasons are the actual cosmetic elements of the construction. The width of the 'wave' is sufficient for anything from changing rooms to storage, yet the deep color of the inside, in contract with the white on the outside, make it look light and fruity.

I am, however, a little bit concerned about the top part being left blank. It's quite likely that there will be building with balconies around, and people from those balconies would be looking down - so why waste the white space? You have to think 360 degrees. So, put something cute up there.

Never thought I would be talking about an exposition booth - but oh what a pleasure to surprise myself!

Spotted on Design Milk

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