Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project Feminism

Beautifully executed project for a wonderful cause from the portfolio of Tau Siroko, a recent graduate from Glasgow.

Feminism today is more than just a movement with bad marketing - it's straight off misrepresented and confused with everything from men hatred to unshaved legs. The aim of Project Feminism was not to just build the identity of the word 'feminism', but also to to allow young people (16-24 year old) to slowly become more comfortable with the subject and be more willing to openly discuss it.

The campaign would run in a similar way to an advertising campaign, with posters placed all over the city. In addition to that, various items with the pattern (highlighting that 9% is not a lot until you see it repeated), would be available at stores such as Urban Outfitters.

See more in Tau's online portfolio

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