Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Restaurant Branding for the Summer

I am not positive that Basanti is a seasonal summer restaurant somewhere on the Mediterranean, but I would certainly like to make an assumption that it is located in a warm climate. Otherwise - it's wasting a wonderful brand identity:

Could it be the ice tea that is making me associate this with summer? Perhaps. But the clear, thin, minimal lines, the use of black color and 'shiny' surface of the pack must be playing their roles as well...

Am I the only one who believes that thin lines have a refreshing effect while thick lines make everything look warm and cozy? It must be one of the mind tricks - in summer we are wearing less, looking thinner, eating lighter, working less... Minus, minus, minus, minus... While in winder all we want to do is stock on the scarves of the brands that were smart enough to use thick, fat, warm letters - and have full, round, huge cups of tea. Full, Plus, Full, Plus, Full... Am I over-thinking this again?

Even the pencils blend in so well, by bringing a white contrast and saving the brand identity from getting two repetitive... Urgh how I wish I could have a lunch at Basanti...

Spotted on Graphic Exchange

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