Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Think Before Ice Melts

Technology is outdated. All those clocks, measuring, beeping, distracting, complicating, environment-damaging gadgets should be in the past. We should try to go back to the basics.

Think that might be a little frustrating? That's alright, just do it one step at a time. Start with ice-figures for speed-chess, for example:

Best part of this 'icy' game, is that you can end up with the loser's (hopefully that won't be you) queen in your mohito. Can you show me the guy who invented that dual-display speed chess clock, yet could think of... this? I just want to rub it in his face. We, people who have not yet invented anything, love doing that!

Chess fan? Make sure to check-out 3D chess!

via HolyCool, available on ThinkGeek ($13)

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