Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weave - ToDo App for Creative Minds!

How. excited. am. I?!

After months of endless browsing through the App Store I have finally found a perfect and free(!) productivity app. I was not surprised to discover that Weave (that very dream app) appears to be geared toward the creative type i.e. perfect for anyone who enjoys reading the Blue Strawberry!

Here are some (thought not all!) reason why it charmed me:

1. It's simple. Projects consist of ToDos, ToDos have deadlines. You try to fit in those deadlines. The App will do the best it can at helping:

2. It's polite. One thing you don't want your Productivity App to be is rude - you will likely hate it for reminding you to do all-the-things-you-don't-quite-feel-like-doing anyway. Weave will be as polite as a 7th grade geeky boyfriend (perhaps even more):

3. It's really, really pretty. Sorry - I am a girl. I am a design blogger. I am a part-time artist. In my world being pretty is the same as being bug-free in the world of a developer. I love every aspect of this app's design - from cover to menu to the use of red color and little stitches! Reminds me a bit of the PunchTab design - I am not complaining - just an observation.

4. It has a great tutorial. While the app is very simple - tutorial still helps. It takes no more than 20 seconds - and saves you about three minutes of 'free-clicking' to figure it out on your own. The tutorial also makes you feel... welcome. As I pointed out earlier - I am a girl - I like a personal touch.

5. It's more than just a ToDo app - it's quite a project management tool! Weave doesn't just give you a better way to identify your projects, assign ToDos and set deadlines, but also provides you a great way to manage your budget.

6. It's perfect for bloggers. Before I started blogging, I have always been curious - what are those 'income' tabs in the money-managing apps for? Don't people get their money once a month? Don't they know exactly what that amount is going to be? Now that I am a blogger - this makes a lot more sense.

If you are running a project, or perhaps a giveaway on your blog, you can easily plan it with Weave and record your earnings/spending with the very same app as well! Weave has just released an update which works even better with international currencies - so no matter where you are - you can rely on it to keep your blogging organized.

7. Finally - it has a fab icon. Don't kill me. It's true. I needed a red icon in my menu - the blue ones were taking over.

Make sure to check out Weave and rate it if you like it!


A few other Apps I have been abusing this month:

Society6 Wallpaper - 100 free artwork wallpapers for your phone. Oh, did I mention you get 100 new ones daily?

Instagram - Doesn't quite need an introduction, I believe...

Tiny Tower - a mix of Angry Birds and Farmville. Make sure you don't have anything urgent to do before you start playing this.

DropBox - which somehow I find to be the easiest way to transfer images to my phone (I hate iTunes with a passion - I believe I am not alone).


Got more suggestions? Leave me a comment to let me know!

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