Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yoli, the Frozen Yogurt

The frozen yogurt shop branding identities have invaded my Google Reader. At first I thought it's just the summer approaching, but it's already the end of July and, unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, you better not start any frozen yogurt stores until next season...

The branding ideas, however, kept coming - and the quantity was far less of a problem than the quality. Everything single store looked like it was designed by Apple - which is a wonderful white, rounded-corner thing, but not when repeated everywhere and all the time.

Yoli, the frozen yogurt store in (of course) Amsterdam, was a lovely exception:

On top of being beautiful and unique, the abstract image of the frozen yogurt, creates an atmosphere welcoming artistic people like myself. The ceiling frames also add a certain 'this used to be something before it was a frozen yogurt shop feel', which certainly doesn't hurt the interior.

So, all together - one more reason to visit Amsterdam. Not that I needed one...

Spotted on AA13

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