Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Are Sitting On It

Back in the days when I still leaved in the dorm, I remember a few people getting their room into a condition when the question "where is your trash?" was literally answered with "everywhere". Well, with this chair, you can get those neat freaks out of your place even faster, and answer their annoying "where is your trash" type of questions with a polite "you are sitting on it, babe".

The pic might confuse you - but the everyday trash is not the only thing you can stuff it with. I, personally, see it as a place where I can finally get some on my stuffed animals to do... something. I mean, why not?

The skeleton of such a chair is actually quite simple and minimalistic:

The design consists of a three dimensional grid. The ‘Comfy Cargo Chair’ consists of 52.46 meters of 8mm sturdy rounded steel. It has 66 curved elements and alone weighs 20.89 kg, with a volumetric capacity of 0.5 cubic meters. Together the cross beams and curves provide a very stable construction for sitting. The complex design is the result of a period of digital drafting and production technology.

And finally, for those who are really, really, really into wooden stuff:

Spotted on Supertacular

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