Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dream Kitchen

As much as I enjoying posting random pictures of certain 'dream' interior designs, I have never thought I'd find a perfect kitchen. Mostly, because I hate kitchens - cooking, homemaking and everything 'women have to do' is just not my thing. This is partially the reason why I love bachelor designs so much - they just seem like the kind of places that have nothing but whiskey is the fridge...

BUT. This place had a message for me. And the message said 'Hi, I am the kind of kitchen you would only have to use when you really want to cook something healthy and awesome. I am not the kind of kitchen you would use everyday for anything other than coffee and tea. I always smell like roses and never like over-fried lamb. And I am certainly the kind of kitchen that gets cleaned by the cleaning lady - not by you, boss'.

Dream kitchen:

via Designspiration

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