Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Porche and Shisha Should Not Have Babies

You know how once in a while you meet a person of the opposite sex who is absolutely wonderful, but just not right for you? Commonly referred to as 'no chemistry' this occurrence is a subconscious way of 'filtering' people you, for one reason or another, would never have the best combination of chromosomes babies with.

Unfortunately, brands do have those innate filters, and once in a while we see an ogre that should have never been born. Like, for example, the Porsche Shisha.

I am not saying there is no market for such a high-class shisha. In fact, in the heavily-shisha-smoking regions, this would probably be a hit. There is nothing oil-rich magnates like more than a combination of luxury, more luxury and something they are already familiar with. An even better assumption, for those who are interested in selling such a.. thing.. is that the more you charge for it, the better it will sell. Again, in those heavily shisha smoking regions. Trust me, I live in one.

Unfortunately, the high potential in the oil rich countries does not change the fact that this is a very, very odd design combination. Very. Odd. And I am not saying that just because Porsche did not hire me last year. OK, maybe it did play a role.. but just a teensy tiny one.

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