Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Case of Emergency

I have already expressed a couple of times how I feel about condom ads. Let me do this one more time, just so we are clear on the subject:

Condoms for an advertising professional are like innocent people for a lawyer. There is no goddamn challenge. There are too many ways to solve the problem. There is nothing working against us (or at least there shouldn't be). So, to summarize - it's just too freakin' easy.

But since this is technically a postcard for a cause - this case is slightly different. The purpose was not to promote a condom, but rather to bring awareness to an issue, and in this case, the creativity is not 'overflowing' the product. The combination of condom and postcard was very well thought through, and the message was clear. This is the kind of semi-condom ad I like. 

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