Thursday, September 8, 2011

MBA swallows

It's been over a week (if not two!) since I last posted on this blog. Apologies for that. I have an excuse though - I switched continents and started an MBA program.

Oh, curious how is it going? Pretty well, I think. Well, as well as an MBA can possibly go for someone who'd much rather sit in front of a computer and go on and on about rounded corners than examine an accounting statement. Perhaps I could have saved some travel and time by taking an online MBA program... that route would have been more convenient, but a MBA is risky enough without having to also worry about being laughed at in job interviews. Sitting through lectures and endless data tables has been a challenge, but it's been OK. The continent switch has also been quiet kind (btw - anyone in Boston? Hello?).

I even got a research assistanship that has to do with (drum!) product design!!! How many MBAs want to deal with product design? Yeah, you got it right, the competition is pretty much non-existing, which I, yet again unlike the typical MBAs, like quite a lot.

But let's get over all that boring stuff. What's the most important part of the MBA? Right, classroom design!

Surprisingly, the rooms are pretty cool. Designed as an auditorium, with sliding blackboards so the same space is efficiently used as both projector screen and blackboard. But that's still quite a waste of a wall, don't you think? I certainly do.

If I had a choice, this is what the business lounge/classrooms would look like. Yeah, no screen - but we can do this the old fashioned way and just roll it up and put on the wall/ceiling crack...

Spotted on Tumblr

P.S. If you want to be nice, comment and wish me good luck with the program. I will be forever grateful! No, seriously. I will be :)


DGraphiX said...

Good luck on your new MBA journey!

Marilyn said...

you got this MBA in the bag :)

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