Sunday, December 11, 2011

Right Brain by Mercedes Benz

Top class artwork, so close to the heart. Clearly, us, right-brainers, are way more colorful. Wonder if this was designed by those whose 'rational' half is dominating, what would it look like? My best guess is a spreadsheet. Maybe it a good thing they don't design much. The fact that I am doing a spreadsheet right about now? Not as good. I am sorry tables, I just can't work linear.

*Yes I am fully aware left/right divisions are not how brains actually work. Nevertheless, I like to blame the fact that I lose stuff on a weekly basis and can't balance a balance sheet for the life of me, on my inborn tendencies. Thank you very much for understanding!*

via Ads of the World

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Anonymous said...

I wish you guys wouldn't ridicule left-brainers like us. :'(

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