Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soap For Your Rope

Finally, something in pink that appeals to my taste! Any other Fight Club fans around here?

"If you’re going to shower, be a man about it. Introducing the only soap made with electrolytes, caffeine, and punching. Don’t waste your time with anything less.

 You're welcome.

- First-time ever officially licensed
- Modeled from original fight club props and artwork
- Caffeinated. Because.
- Packaging now comes with a shrinkwrap, to protect the PVC box from scuffs during shipping."

Available on Omni Consumer Products ($14.99), spotted on LikeCool

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malware said...

"Fight Club" is one of my favorite books. I deliberately do not watch filming, because I'm afraid of disappointment. But friends say that the film was made qualitatively.

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