Thursday, February 2, 2012

Legal Age...

... used to be the biggest problem I had with the United States. No, it was not that I couldn't find a way around the 21+ - it was the constant 'what is the legal age in your home country?' question. I DON'T KNOW! I do remember parents starting to blame me for not sipping wine at the dinner table when I was above 5... but before that was the adding cognac to breast milk so I'd go the f%ck to sleep... Was that illegal of mommy? Can I sue her? Can I at least blame her next time I overdraw my account at a bar? Puhleez give me the right to do it!

But lets get into the post. Anna Utopia Giordano developed a series of 'Pop Bottles' - child-themed branded booze...

This is an art project to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parents towards their children (abandoned for days between toys and video games), how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers.

More on Anna Utopia Giordano, spotted on CMYK

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