Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Much is the Back-lighted Apple Worth?

Quick disclaimer: I don't know a thing about computers, so I am going to talk like a girl who likes to type on something pretty. 

Ever since I started grad school, a lighter laptop has been on my 'when I get just a tiinnnsy bit reacher' shopping list. My Dell Studio, though a perfect, red color, when combined with two fat textbooks is slightly heavier than my poor back can carry on a daily basis.

Naturally, I thought Mac Air. So great, so sexy yet.. so out of budget especially for those of us whose iPhone financial wounds have not healed quite yet. And as ashamed as the blogging community will be of me when I say this, I am just too lazy (I'd love to say 'busy', but honesty should be appreciated, right?) to learn how to properly operate Mac OS.

Now, what are the alternatives these days? Lenovo came out with a 'Mac Air killer' (reminds me of a the iPhone killer wannabes circa 2009).. But I can't possibly buy a computer from a manufacturer who's name sounds like a distant Bulgarian villageToshiba Portege? Not sexy enough. HP Folio? Too fat. Acer Aspire, Asus Zenbook? Wrong shades of grey (I warned you, in that very first sentence).

So, I went back to the the long forgotten, currently owned Dell. And oh, what a pleasure it was to discover this newly released, slightly cloned but who am I to judge, Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook:

As surprising as it is, Dell's Ultrabook actually tops Mac Air in some areas that matter. To me. Like weight, touch, feel, battery life, and nighttime performance. There was something about actual performance too, but I will leave that part for people who actually understand laptops.

Now, let's talk touch and feel. Dell's Ultrabook is extremely durable due to the machine-cut aluminium lid, which, according to Dell, is 'as durable as stunning'... Won't take Dell's word for a fact until I drop it a few times (oh come on, it's not a baby). However, as a slight neat freak, I have to point out that cleaning aluminium should be way easier than cleaning whatever unicorn skin current Dell Studio covers are made off.

Dell also managed to fit a bigger screen into a smaller frame, that saves space and, obviously - weights less. And yes, when I say smaller, I mean smaller than Mac Air, even though Dell, as a perfect gentlemen, only implied it.

It wakes up in 1 second and stays cold even when it's hot inside... If only I could do the same...

Finally, it is the backlit keyboard and glass touchpad that completely melted my heart. I will be able to blog in the dark, you say? Complete darkness? With my computer lighting the way through the internet? Oh my, I need to teach myself how to get full night's sleep in 4 hours now. 

Did I mention 8 hours of battery life? Yeah, wouldn't mind those during trips. 

My only question now is... will the Dell logo look as good next to my Starbucks cup as the back-lighted Apple does? And if no, is that apple worth at least $600 more? Hm, food for thought.

Click here to learn more about Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook


This post has NOT been sponsored. Believe in love and honesty, muggles.

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