Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bardot - Advanced Ice Cream Technologies

Bardot, formally known as Advanced Ice Cream Technologies, is a boutique ice cream purveyor from Mexico. While the previous name does not sound nearly as sexy as the new one, a quick look at the products would give you a complete idea of where it is coming from.

The logo adds an indulgence element to the brand, which is perfectly complimented by their shopping bags, plastic cups, and of course, the products themselves. My only concern is that for quite a few of us, this identity might be easier associated with something closer to a lingerie store. But then again, I bet that once you try that ice-cream... you will never associate lips with a sex shop again.

The final selling point for me was the iPad app (oh how I wish I actually had an iPad to play with it!) and the little lip detail on the front doors (did you spot it?). Definitely a winner.

Spotted on Designspiration and Dieline

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